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  • Mini Spray Dryer
    Mini Glass spray dyer is mainly applicable to the production of micro particle powder in universities, research institutes and laboratories of food, medicine and chemical enterprises. It has wide-spec- trum applicability to all solutions, such as emulsion and suspension, It is applicable to the drying of heat sensitive substances, such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc. because the materials ejected are only exposed to high temperature when they are sprayed into aerosol size particles, they are only heated instantaneously, which can keep the active ingredients of these active materials from being damaged after drying.
  • Organic Solvent Spray Dryer
    The organic solvent spray dryer is used for spray drying of organic sol- vents, which replace inert gas medium formed by circulating nitrogen. In addition to product recovery, organic solvents can also be recovered. In view of the characteristics of low flash point or micro toxicity of organic solvents, which is flammable and explosive, the closed cycle spray system is specially designed to meet the requirements.
  • Spray Dryer For Pilot Test
    The spray dryer is mainly suitable for the production of micro particle powder in laboratories of universities, research institutes and food pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises, and has wide applicability for all solutions, such as emul- sion and suspension. It is suitable for drying of heat sensitive substances such as biological products, biological drugs, enzyme preparations, etc. because the ejected materials are only heated in the case of spray into fog sized particles, so they are heated in a moment, which can keep the active components of these active materials from being damaged after drying.
  • Vacuum Spray Dryer
    The Laboratory vacuum spray dryer is specially developed for thermal sensi-tive materials. The whole machine is compact and self-contained, and can run without any other facilities. One button start-up, large LCD touch screen operation, can adopt two operation modes of full automatic or manual moni-toring, which is convenient for operation and monitoring of experimental pro-cess, especially realizing instant drying of materials under low temperature conditions(50℃), providing extremely convenient and safe drying methods for heat sensitive materials, such as biological products such as enzyme preparation, active bacteria, and extracts of natural products of traditional Chinese medicine with high sugar content , high polymer materials that are not heat-resistant,materials that are vaporized in case of heat, etc.
  • Wurster System LDP Fluid Bed Bottom Coater for Making Pharmaceutical Medicine Pellets
    Fluid-bed bottom coater is a new style coating equipment that combines fluid-bed spraying technology and medicine pellet coating well.
    It is widely used for pellet pills film slow and control releasing coating, framework slow and control releasing capsule, medicine pellet coating, granulating, powder coating, etc.
  • Capsule Polishing Machine
    The performance of capsule polishing machine is quite superior. The whole machine is made of stainless steel; the brushes inside the sieve cylinder are connected by a quick snap-fit connection way, which is easy to disassemble and clean.