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  • delivery of small sugar coating pan machine


    Two sets of small sugar coating pan machine BY400, deliverred to Japan for making yummy snackfood. Technical data of BY400 : Read More

  • High-speed centrifugal spray dryer


    High-speed centrifugal spray dryer is a widely used process in liquid forming process and drying industry. It is suitable for the production of powdered and granular solid products from suspoemulsion, solution, emulsion and pasty liquid raw materials. Therefore, when the particle size distribution, Read More

  • 2. The Direct Powder Tablet Pill Pressing Technology---Excipient Ingredient


    The direct powder tablet pill pressing process has high requirements on the properties of raw materials and excipients, and the choice of excipients should usually be fully studied before product development. Common excipients for powder direct compression, filling excipients include various types o Read More

  • About Capsule Filling Machine


    Maintenance of Automatic Capsule Filling machine it is equipped with an electronic automatic counting device, which can automatically complete the positioning, separation, filling, locking capsules. Read More

  • Working Process and Features of Direct Tablet Pressing Technology


    Direct powder tablet pressing technology:It is the method in which the medicine powder and auxiliary materials are mixed uniformly and directly compressed into tablet pills. The advantage of this method is that it save up the steps of granulation & drying, etc., which is simple, energy-saving, and Read More

  • 1. The Direct Powder Tablet Pill Pressing Technology---Excipient Ingredient


    As a normal and simple production process, the direct powder pressing process of tablet press technology is simple and does not require granulation and drying. It saves energy and production time, and at the same time, it can also reduce the risks relating to medicine tablet stability caused by prod Read More

  • Tablet Pressing Issues---lower punch gets blocked


    How to solve tablet pressing issues while the lower punch moves inflexibly? First of all, the principle of the rotary tablet press: 1. The upper and lower punches have a fixed running track, and the relative movement of the upper and lower pressing wheels against the punching die is used to shape the tablet. Read More

  • what is sugar coating pan machine


    Sugar coating machine is widely used for sugar coating, polishing and rolling of tablets & pills, and nut chocolate coating. Read More

  • delivery of caramel nuts coating machine


    this caramelized is mainly for producing caramelized sugar coating on nut, such as peanut, almond, resin, etc. the new order from customer in Australia. Read More

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