how to make tapioca pearls for bubble milk tea
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how to make tapioca pearls for bubble milk tea

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How to make tapioca pearls with sugar coating pan machine?

tapioca pearls102_副本tapioca pearls-package

The stuff needed are as follows:

1. If it is used for experimental research and development of new products, please prepare a small and medium-sized sugar coating machine, such as BY600, which can make 15 kg each time, which is just convenient for manual operation.   small sugar coating pan

2. Brown sugar or white granulated sugar, melt it into water according to the weight ratio of 3:2,

3. Around 5~8 kilograms of tapioca starch.

4. Vibration sieve  with 4 mm mesh, self-made or purchased vibrating sieve

The production steps are as follows:

1. Mixing 5 kg of tapioca starch powder with sugar water evenly. This step can be done in the sugar coating machine or special powder mixing machine.

2. Constantly grind the agglomeartion stuff initially formed dough and loose pellets.

3. Then Please email us to email: for video and making details

4. After the small granule coming out, add tapioca powder and spray sugar water to enlarge the tapioca pearl according to the required pearl powder circle particle size

5. The pearl powder inside the sugar coating machine is round, and after most of the particles reach the size required for production, then we can stop the sugar coating pan machine. 

6. Take out the pearl powder circles and put them into a sieve to filter out the tapioca pearl that are too large and too small, and then we will get the finished product as shown in the picture.

Advantages of tapioca pearl from sugar coating pan machine: High sphericity, companct that is easy to store, flexible and adjustable size.




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