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Double Cone Dryer

The middle of the dryer tank is cylindrical, both ends are conical, and the top of the cone is equipped with a feed port and a discharge port. The tank is divided into three layers, and the main body is a drum with a jacket.

This double cone rotary vacuum dryer is commonly applied in the drying of powder and granular materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dye, powder metallurgy, and other industries.

The heating medium can be steam or circulating hot water, the insulation layer is an aluminum silicate, and the dryer consumes very little energy.

What is Double Cone Dryer

Put the material in the inner layer and rotate and dry under vacuum. The material obtains heat by turning and accelerating movement along the wall of the vessel, which can avoid the phenomenon of surface yellowing of heat-sensitive materials during the drying process. This rotocone vacuum dryer greatly shortens the drying time of materials, which is only about 2/3 of the drying time of similar materials in the vacuum oven, which improves labor productivity. 

Our double cone dryers and mixers are especially suitable for drying easily oxidized, flammable and explosive materials and heat-sensitive materials. In the material drying process that strictly restricts the influence of metal ions on the finished product and the materials that require the discharge of volatiles (or toxic substances) to be recycled (or destroy the toxicity), it can even show the superiority of our drying unit.