delivery of caramel nuts coating machine
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delivery of caramel nuts coating machine

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This caramelized is mainly for producing caramelized sugar coating on nut, such as peanut, almond, resin, etc. 

the new order from customer in Australia, well packed, waiting for delivery. 


backside of DLBY600

Technical Specifications:

1、capacity 10-15kg/time

2、dia. of pan 600 mm

     rotary speed 36 r.p.m

3、total power

main motor 0.75kw

Pouring Motor 0.75kw

4.natural gas burner 4pcs

5. dimensions .L×W×H 150*100*120cm

6.  machine weight 200kg


1、Replace lubrication oil for reducer and refill lubrication grease for roller bearings regularly. Replace lubrication oil every six months .

2、The machine should be cleaned if it will not be used for long time. In case the pan is made of copper, oil should be applied to the surface to prevent it from being oxidized.

3、Don’t randomly remove belt cover and the casing for the wires without any reason.

4、After repairing electric devices, fix the cover again so as to ensure safety working.

5、The machine must have a good earthing .




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