Working Process and Features of Direct Tablet Pressing Technology
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Working Process and Features of Direct Tablet Pressing Technology

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Direct powder tablet pressing technology:

Direct Powder Tablet Pressing is the method in which the medicine powder and auxiliary materials are mixed uniformly and directly compressed into tablet pills.

The advantage of this method is that it save up the steps of granulation & drying, etc.,  which is simple, energy-saving, and time-saving, and is suitable for medicine that are unstable while in wet condition. 

The process of the powder direct tablet compression method is as follows: 

raw materials + auxiliary materials → crushing → sieving → mixing → (adding lubricant) → tableting → coating → packaging.

Direct Tablet Pill Compression Features: 

About 40% of medicine tablet pills use the powder direct compression production technology. In addition to save up the complicated process steps, it is especially suitable for the kinds that are unstable with moisture and heating condition. It is also for meeting the release mechanism of medicine tablet pills in the human body. The powder direct pressing process has many advantages and a wide range of applications. The following items are all applicable to powder direct pressing.

1)  Disintegrate or dissolve quickly in the medium

The composition characteristics of its prescription are mainly water-soluble excipients. The main features are: it can disintegrate within 5 minutes, the texture is soft by manual touch, the dissolution RSD of each sampling point is small, and during the disintegration process, the water diffuses into the tablet matrix, the disintegration is enhanced, and it is also composed mainly of water-soluble excipients such as lactose. 

2) The medicine pill that should be absorbed effective components quickly, there is no special requirements. 

The selection of the process techology sometimes depends on the characteristics of the drug. Some drugs need to be quickly disintegrated and released after entering the human body, so that the blood concentration of the medicine pill can reach the level of its curative effect in time.

For example, in some direct compression technology, the direct compression method is better than wet granulation and solid dispersion. Because the tablet matrix has more pores. When the drug contacts water, the water quickly penetrates along the pores, which can be very effectively disintegrate quickly and release the drug.

3) Drugs that are sensitive to moisture and heating.

For tablet pills containing effective component that are sensitive to heat and humidity, the use of relatively mild process technology can avoid the degradation of drugs or excipients and improve the quality of final tablet pills.




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