What is Tablet Press Die Moulds
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What is Tablet Press Die Moulds

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There are mainly 2 kinds of material for tablet punch moulds, 

tablet punch moulds

1. Mold steel tablet press mold characteristics

Advantages:With high strength and high pressure resistance,  after high temperature treatment (quenching), 

Disadvantages: it will rust if it is not used for a long time, so please keep it with some butter while spare it. 

Application: It is suitable for laboratory testing and determination of various powders.

2. Features of stainless steel tablet press mold

Advantages: no rust, good toughness!

Disadvantages: low strength, low pressure resistance, easy to deform when used under overpressure.

Suggestion: suitable for food and medicine powder compression with good compressibility.

Operation Tips for Manual Tablet Pressing: 

1. Mold precision: The higher the precision of the tablet press mold, the easier it is to be blocked

2. Correct Operation: Before pressing the tablet, the die punch must be balanced and not biased, otherwise it will be easily blocked and even deform the die.

3. Power Factor: some powders have strong adsorption and adhesion, and are easy to cause blocking.

4. Over-pressure: any material of mold has a certain yield pressure, the smaller the mold, the less pressure it bears, once the over-pressure is applied, the mold will be deformed, cracked, and stuck and difficult to be pulled out.

5. Before each use of the mold, be sure to clean the cavity of the mold to avoid damage to the mold while there is powder residue to be pressed.

6. the packed powder should be shaken evenly, keep it level, and do not have an inclined surface, otherwise it will cause the lower punch to be unstable and crush the mold.

oval shape tablet samples  heart shape tablet samples




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