Tablet Pressing Issues---lower punch gets blocked
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Tablet Pressing Issues---lower punch gets blocked

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How to solve it  while the lower punch moves inflexibly?


First of all, we have to make it clear about the principle of the rotary tablet press:
1. The upper and lower punches have a fixed running track, and the relative movement of the upper and lower pressing wheels against the punching die is used to shape the tablet.
If the track is uneven, the punch must be higher or lower every time the punch die goes there.
2. If it is not that the track is not flat, it is the punch dies itself has a problem, which means that the punches are thinner on the side of the track and thicker at the top.
3. The upper and lower punches cannot move up and down freely. Either the surface of the punch is not smooth or the punch hole has burrs, which leads to inflexible movement of the punch.
4. The hole of the middle punch mold is not open correctly, and it is slightly crooked, which causes the undershooting movement to be blocked.


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