Sugar Pan Coating Machine:How to Choose the Right Coating System
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Sugar Pan Coating Machine:How to Choose the Right Coating System

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Sugar Pan Coating Machine

The sugar pan coating machine is a device used to coat sugar or chocolate around peanut, nut, etc to make yummy snack, and it could also be used to make round ball-like stuff, and tablet pill sugar coating with right technical settings. So with a variety of functional settings, such as different spraying system, different spraying gun, different shape of pan, there would be the best suitable machine for your production needs.

How does a chocolate pan coating machine work?

When you are preparing coating chocolate, you have to make sure there is proper working temperature, liquid chocolate with good fluidity, the cleaning working surrounding, and of course with the chocolate coating pan machine from Telang Machinery Equipment Company. The sugar coating pan is just used to coat another snack with chocolate or sugar for it to look great and taste delicious. This is where a chocolate or sugar pan coating machine comes. When making yummy chocolate coating or sugar coating, this is an essential device because the special coating technology gives the chocolate snack an elegant look and tasty flavor.

What products can your coat with a sugar coating machine?

sugar coating machine

A sugar coating machine has a variety of applications. It can be used to coat stuff like:

  • Coating Sugar-The coating machine can be used to coat sugar. This is a process known as enrobing. Chocolate-coated candies are easy to make when you have a sugar/chocolate  pan coating machine because it will automatically spraying the chocolate or sugar around another snack with easy operation.

  • Nuts-When you have a sugar or chocolate pan coating machine, you can create delicious chocolate coated, sugar caoted or caramelized coating nuts. You can coat sugar, chocolate or some other flavoring condiment around nuts to give them a nice taste.

  • Pharmaceutical Products-This sugar coating machine can also be used to coat pharmaceutical tablets or pills for different purpose, such as coating honey around pills and tablet to prolong the conservation time, and to change the flavor, resist oxidization, etc.

Types of chocolate coating machine

There are many types of sugar coating pan machines available in our factory. 

1. Typical Round Shape Sugar Coating Pan Machine

Round Shape Sugar Coating Pan Machine

This typical round shape coating machine equipped with sugar spraying system is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and food industry. 

  • Coating film sugar around the tablet pills and polishing. 

  • Coating sugar around the peanuts.

  • Produce the pearl balls, roll drying agents, production of chemical fillers, aluminum hydroxide balls, aluminum oxide balls, ceramic ball molecular sieves, and catalysts.

2. Pear Shape Sugar Coating Pan Machine

2.Pear Shape Sugar Coating Pan Machine

The whole pan is made of stainless steel 304, with pear shape, especially for quickly making tiny round balls from powder, such as the tiny pellet inside the capsule, the round shape of sugar pearls, China Traditional pills, tapioca balls, sago balls, etc.

3. Octagon Coating Pan Machine

Octagon Coating Pan Machine

This kind of shape of coating pan machine is also made of SUS304 or 316L, mainly for mixing and tumbling the stuff inside the pan for yummy flavor, or some production purpose that need violent tumbling.

4. Caramelized Coating Pan Machine with automatic discharging and heating

Caramelized Coating Pan Machine with automatic discharging and heating

The coating pan is mainly made of food grade copper, for making caramelized sugar coating, and of course sugar /chocolate with the heating turned off.

5. Cylindrical Coating Pan Machine

Cylindrical Coating Pan Machine2

Cylindrical Coating Pan Machine3

6. Automatic Discharge Coating Pan Machine

Automatic Discharge Coating Pan Machine

This is the sugar coating pan machine with automatic discharge and heating, for different production purposes.

7. Coating Machine with Chocolate Spraying System and Chilly Air Blowing system

Coating Machine with Chocolate Spraying System and Chilly Air Blowing system

This is the typical chocolate coating system, including coating pan machine, special chocolate spraying gun, peristaltic pump, chocolate tank, etc, and the chilly air blowing system.

8. Coating Pan Machine with gas heating under the pan

Coating Pan Machine with gas heating under the pan1 

9. Sugar Coating Machine with Scraper  Function

9.Sugar Coating Machine with Scraper Function

10. Small Coating Pan Machine

11.Small Coating Pan Machine

11. Closed type coating machine

For hygienic purpose, especially for coating tablet pills, etc, wildly used in the pharmacy industry.

Closed type coating machine

What to consider when selecting a chocolate panning machine?

When you are going to buy a sugar coating panning machine, there are several things to keep in mind. Some of these include:

General production process

What is the snackfood you will make, what is the stuff that would be coated, what is the final product like, etc.


How many kilograms of product you will make daily


You should also be aware of the warranty that comes with the machine. Look at what it covers  and how long it lasts before making a decision on which one to buy.


The sugar coating pan is a device that's used to coat sugar or chocolate around the nut, peanut, etc, and for making round ball-like stuff from powder in the industry of food, pharmacy, and chemical industry.

With abundant manufacturing experience and kinds of functional settings, we will offer you a quality  coating pan machine at a good price, please feel free to contact us, and we will  help you choose the best suitable machine for your needs.




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