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What is Sugar Coating Machine?

The sugar coating machine is widely used for coating and polishing shaped particles and microparticles in the pharmaceutical industry, candy processing industry and leisure food industry. Sugar coating machines are also used for processing a variety of cereal foods, such as Japanese beans, hollow beans, beans fish skin peanuts, chocolate beans, candied peanuts and various other food coatings.

Features of Tablet Coating Machine

  • The tablet coating machine is made of stainless steel, which is healthy and durable.
  • Stable operation, low noise, easy operation and high efficiency.
  • The tilt angle of the sugar coating tank is adjustable.
  • The tablet coating machine can be equipped with automatic feeding device as needed to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
  • The heating air drying device adopts electric resistance wire to heat, which is easy for control.
Peanut Coating Machine
The peanut coating machine is also named as sugar coating machine, it can produce various peanut coating snack food, such as flour-coated peanuts, sugar-coated peanuts, chocolate coating peanuts, fish skin peanuts, chocolate-coated beans, multi-flavored peanuts, crispy fruits, and spicy beans, etc.
Caramel Nuts Coating Machine
This copper coating pan machine is mainly used for caramelized sugar coating on pecan nuts in food industry, and is also used for shaping balls, mini-pill, pellet, mixing, and polishing in the food, chemical industries.
The machine is a sugar caramel coating machine with copper pan or bowl or pot. A heater such as a gas or electric heater is placed directly under the pan or around the pan. The machine is equipped with an independent blower with an electric heater or cool air blowing system.