Precautions for buyers when purchasing powder Dying Equipment
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Precautions for buyers when purchasing powder Dying Equipment

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What should buyers pay attention to when choosing drying equipment? What functions should they pay attention to in the drying equipment? In fact, there are some technologies that consumers can refer to when choosing drying equipment.


Firstly, feasibility - the drying selection must be suitable for the chemical or physical properties of the raw materials and meet the drying requirements of these materials. Drying equipment must meet some basic requirements for raw material drying, such as yield, maximum temperature tolerance, material viscosity, and particle size of the final product.

Secondly, excellent drying efficiency - different drying methods may result in different critical moisture content, leading to different drying efficiency.

Thirdly, low energy consumption - different drying methods are suitable for different energy consumption indicators. Generally speaking, the theoretical thermal efficiency of conductive drying reaches 100%, while in convective drying, it is only 70%.

Fourthly, investment cost - different drying equipment has similar functions and efficiency, but the price varies greatly. Buyers should consider all relevant factors to maximize profits and minimize costs.

Fifth, low operating costs - buyers need to roughly estimate the costs they will incur in maintaining, energy consumption, and operating the drying equipment. Some drying equipment may seem cheap, but its maintenance costs can be high in the long run.

Sixth, it is recommended to purchase drying equipment with simple structure, stable quality, high reliability, and long service life,. In addition, buyers should also check if there are components of drying equipment available in the market for low-cost replacement.

Seventh, the drying equipment should be safe and environmentally friendly. Vacuum dryers can effectively reduce the possibility of pollution.

Eighth, conduct small-scale experiments before purchasing drying equipment to avoid potential problems. Buyers should understand the advantages and disadvantages of thorough drying equipment, and choose the right drying equipment to maximize economic benefits.

Ninth, do not rely on past experience when purchasing drying equipment. It is best for buyers to pay attention to new and innovative technologies. Our extensive work experience and advice in the drying industry will also help buyers find suitable drying equipment in a short period of time.




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