Overview Of Spray Dryer Manufacturers In 2022
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Overview Of Spray Dryer Manufacturers In 2022

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Spray dryers are industrial drying systems that combine atomization and heating processes to dry materials. Spray dryers are often used when products must fulfil exact specifications in terms of particle size distribution, particle shape, bulk density and residual moisture content.


Advantages of spray drying over other industrial drying equipment include controlled particle size, enhanced flow characteristics of the dried solids, evaporative cooling, reduced corrosion and short residence times.

The industrial drying equipment market is now getting more competitive and there are numerous spray dryer manufacturers, so customers are likely to experience headaches when choosing a supplier. This blog provides an overview of the top 7 spray dryer manufacturers in 2022 and beyond, in order to help you make a better choice.

  • GEA

  • SPX Flow

  • Buchi Labortechnik

  • Dedert Corporation

  • European Spray Dry Technologies

  • Telang Machine

  • American Custom Drying

(Listed in no particular order of priority)

1. GEA


GEA is one of the world's largest spray drying equipment suppliers. GEA spray dryers achieve high-quality powders to meet specific customer requirements for performance and precise characteristics. They have designed and supplied more than 10,000 GEA dryers around the world and have done more tests for their customers.

GEA offers specialized solutions for spray drying systems for a wide range of industries, including chemical products, food and dairy products, pharmaceutical products, R&D and product development plants.

2. SPX Flow


SPX Flow is one of the leading spray dryer manufacturers around the world, which is based in Charlotte, N.C., with operations in more than 30 nations and sales in more than 140 countries. SPX Flow combines experience and cutting-edge technology to provide value-added solutions to customers.

SPX Flow's extensive product line includes Triple A® spray dryers, spray bed dryers, spray dryers, spray granulators, cyclones and bag filters. Of all of these products, the Triple A® Spray Dryer is the most prominent.

3. Buchi Labortechnik

Buchi Labortechnik

For 80 years, BUCHI has been a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R&D, quality control and production worldwide. The company is headquartered in Eastern Switzerland and has R&D, production, sales and service facilities around the world.

As a market leader in lab spray drying, BUCHI has many years of experience and can offer comprehensive support for lab-scale particle formation in pharma, chemistry, and food R&D.

4. Dedert Corporation


Dedert Corporation was founded in 1968 by William Dedert and entered the drying machine market in 1984. They continue to evolve with new thinking and new strategies and have built the company into a state-of-the-art, global leader in process engineering.

Dedert spray dryers are used for products in the food industry, such as ingredients, spices, sweeteners, health products and sugars. For the chemical industry, Dedert spray dryers are used for products such as speciality chemicals, inorganic chemicals, minerals, pigments, and ceramics.

5. European Spray Dry Technologies


ESDT is the UK's premier supplier of spray drying systems, with a large range of plants and equipment for powder production.

Its main product lines include liquid feed preparation, evaporation, spray drying, secondary drying, cooling, agglomeration, powder separation, powder conveying and powder storage solutions. ESDT1 laboratory scale spray dryers are simple to use and specifically designed for use in research and educational environments.

6. Telang Machine

Telang-spray drying supplier

Telang is a leading China manufacturer and supplier of drying equipment. Telang offers mini spray dryers and large-size spray dryers that can be used to perform processing and manufacture a variety of different products.

As a professional spray dryer supplier, Telang knows the spray drying process inside and out through years of manufacturing for some of the top food manufacturers in China. It offers turnkey contract spray drying services, from receipt of customer raw materials to mixing, drying, particle separation, packaging and shipping.

7. American Custom Drying

american cuustom drying

American Custom Drying is a leading spray drying manufacturer, operating for more than 60 years. It offers state-of-the-art spray dryers serving the speciality ingredient market in the food and non-food industries.

They start with research and development of dryers, develop custom processes, and help take products from lab-scale batches to commercialization with unparalleled service.

Final Thoughts

You are now more familiar with some of the popular spray dryer manufacturers around the world, but you must still research each company, compare their products, ask the right questions, and choose the one that best suits you and your needs.

If you have any questions about spray dryers or other drying equipment, please contact us. We'd be happy to assist you with your questions and offer potential solutions to help you grow or expand your business and products.




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