LDP fluid bed coater and medicine pellet pill coating technology
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LDP fluid bed coater and medicine pellet pill coating technology

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What is medicine pellet pills

medicine pill making

The medicine Pellet pills are spherical or spheroid oral preparations with a diameter of 0.2-1.5mm, which are generally used to fill capsules, and can also be used to press tablets.

The preparation process of pellet core has gone through several stages, including the preparation of ordinary sugar-coated pot equipment, the preparation of extrusion and spheronization, the preparation of centrifugal granulation, and the manufacture of fluidized bed granulation. The common form of pellets used now is centrifugal fluidization granulation, and the form of pellets coating can be divided into three types: bottom spray, top spray and tangent spray.

Because of its advantages of good fluidity, easy filling of capsules, and small difference in filling volume, pellets are widely used in long-acting and slow-release dosage forms in today's pharmaceutical process, and many are used in pellets coating. Because of the small size of the pellets, it is impossible to carry out rotary or rotary coating when the preparation is coated. The main coating form is fluidization bed spray coating.

Bottom Coating Technology with LDP fluid bed coating machine

LDP fluid bed coater

The coating liquid of the bottom spray coating technology is sprayed from the bottom of the fluidized bed. For pellet coating, due to the short distance between the spray gun and the material, it is helpful to reduce the evaporation of the coating liquid and maintain the film-forming characteristics of the coating liquid. The material in the bottom spray coating is in an orderly circulation. The movement direction is the same as the spray direction, and the material has the same chance of contacting the coating liquid, which is beneficial to the uniformity of the product. The third coating process materials are highly concentrated in the coating area, and the loss of coating fluid is small.

Main Structure and Feating of LDP Fluid bed bottom coater

The key components of the bottom spraying mode of the bottom spraying coating machine are composed of a moving bed (raw material container) and a spouted bed.

The bottom jet flow distribution plate at the bottom of the container distributes the air flow between the inner and outer cylinders. Most of the air flow flows upward through the spouted bed with animal material to the diffusion drying chamber. Due to the sudden increase of space, the air flow rate also decreases, and the particles return to the raw material container. Under the action of the air flow, the particles form a fluidized state in the raw material container, At the same time, the pressure difference generated by the velocity difference between the spouted bed and the moving bed will introduce the particles at the bottom of the moving bed into the spouted bed. As the materials in the lower part of the moving bed continue to enter the spouted bed and flow upward, the materials in the upper part of the moving bed slowly fall downward to form a circulating flow state.

The bottom spray gun is located at the bottom of the spouted bed in the center of the bottom jet flow distribution plate (also called concurrent flow spray because it is in the same direction with the air flow). Fluidized particles, pellets or tablets receive coating materials in the spouted bed. When particles move up in the diffusion drying chamber and fall down in the moving bed, the excess water added to the liquid has been evaporated.

The bottom spray coating overcomes the disordered movement of particles, pellets or tablets during the top spray coating operation, and also overcomes the phenomenon of discontinuous coating film formed by the instantaneous drying of the liquid liquid in the process of spraying to the material during the top spray coating, resulting in large loss of coating material, affecting the coating effect and the stability of product quality

Main Features:

1. It integrates the functions of mixing, spray granulation, film coating, fluidized bed drying, etc. It can directly make powdered materials into particles in one step, and can carry out functional coating operations such as moisture-proof, odor masking, and slow release.

2. The equipment works under closed negative pressure, and the internal surface of the whole equipment is smooth and clean, free of dead corners, easy to clean, and meets the requirements of "GMP".

3. Using liquid materials as the wetting adhesive for granulation can reduce the production cost and produce low-dose, low-sugar or sugar-free Chinese medicine granules.

4. The prepared granules are instant, the granules are easy to dissolve, and the tablets are easy to disintegrate.




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