How does fluid bed dryer deal with different size of granule
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How does fluid bed dryer deal with different size of granule

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How does Fluid Bed Dryer deal with different size of granule ?

In a fluidized bed, the upward moving airflow makes the product or solid a fluid, and the mechanical motion of the fluidized bed enhances this effect. Therefore, the gas and product are strongly mixed, achieving high heat transfer and better physical reaction speed.

By choosing a good combination of gas blowing velocity and mechanical motion (if needed), the fluid bed dryer machine of Telang can successfully process granular products with various particle sizes, but forming a smaller amount of dust.

During the fluidization process, longitudinal mixing occurs, and as a result, if the processing time is long, the residence time difference of individual particles is too large, which may lead to product damage. However, some products need to be treated for a long time, so this must happen in a fluidized bed with a very high Aspect ratio. This is usually not necessary because, among other things, it takes up too much space.

Our solution to this problem is subfluidization. 

During this process, the product is still in a fluidized state. Our unique driving concept is combined with a rotating weir, resulting in a residence time of up to 2 hours. Using this processing method, the layer thickness of the product can vary between 2 "(5cm) and 24" (60cm).

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