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Good Fluid Bed Dryer Machine

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Fluid bed granulation dryer is an industrial machine, which can improve the fluidity and reduce dust flying through powder granulation.

structure diagram - 副本

Working Principle:

The material powder particles are in an annular fluidized state in the raw material container (fluidized bed). They are preheated and mixed by the purified heated air, and the adhesive solution is atomized and sprayed, so that a number of particles gather into agglomerates containing adhesive. Due to the continuous drying of the hot air on the material, the moisture in the agglomerates evaporates, and the adhesive solidifies. This process is repeated continuously to form ideal and uniform microporous spherical particles.


Improve fluidity and reduce dust flying through powder granulation;

Improve its solubility through powder granulation;

Mixing, granulation and drying can complete one-step granulation in one machine;

Anti-static filter cloth and pressure relief hole are adopted to ensure safe operation of equipment;

The equipment has no dead corner and is easy to wash, meeting GMP specifications,


Granulation in pharmaceutical industry: tablet granules, granule granules, capsule granules.

Granulation of food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granular juice, condiments, etc.

Granulation in other industries: pesticide, feed, fertilizer, pigment, dye chemical, etc.

Coating: granule, pill protective layer, slow release, film, enteric coating, etc.

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