Fluid Ded Dryer Saving Engergy Consumption from Telang Company
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Fluid Ded Dryer Saving Engergy Consumption from Telang Company

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While meeting GMP requirements, full consideration should also be given to energy conservation.

The energy consumption here includes the frost preheating function section, cold water dehumidification, heating section, and negative pressure maintenance of the fluidized bed cylinder. According to URS, if the frost preheating section is not required, the setting of this functional section can be cancelled, otherwise it will not only increase investment, but also increase intake resistance and energy consumption.

PLC electromagnetic valve is used to automatically control the cold water dehumidification section and steam heater, and set the outlet temperature and humidity. The conventional fluidized bed drying parameters d are 11g/m3 and T is 80 ℃. The relationship between the fluidized bed inlet air volume and exhaust air volume can be set through PLC, and the inlet and exhaust valves can be automatically adjusted.

According to FDA requirements, the tertiary filter of the air handling unit is crucial. The main reason for the high risk of domestic equipment is the issue of filters. The selection of filters is very important, and the specifications and models of the filters must be clearly stated. G4, F8, and H13 must comply with international standards, and non-woven cotton cannot be used arbitrarily, otherwise there will be greater quality risks. Of course, standard filters will increase the resistance to air flow, but our prerequisite is to first meet the quality requirements.

When the vibrating fluidized bed drying equipment operates in a fluidized bed, the trajectory of internal particles is closely related to air heat exchange. Usually, the air at the bottom is blown up, causing particles to convection. The time a particle stays in the air is the time it takes for the water in the particle to evaporate.

The bottom of the fluidized bed drying equipment manufactured by Telang Drying Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts a fish scale shaped air outlet, which causes particles to spiral up in the cylinder, effectively increasing the length of the streamline and the heat exchange time with the air, and fully utilizing energy.

In the production process of solid formulations, one-step granulation and fluidized bed drying equipment are commonly used, and fluidized bed drying equipment has also developed from horizontal vibrating fluidized bed dryers to multi-purpose one-step granulation machines.

With the application of emerging technologies such as material processing and intelligent control, fluidized bed drying equipment is also facing new opportunities and challenges in the field of traditional equipment in China.

As users of pharmaceutical enterprises, in new projects or workshop renovations, the first thing to consider is to determine the selection and configuration requirements of equipment based on the needs of production processes and production capacity, and to provide requirements and explanations for important components, options, and necessary configurations of equipment, which is beneficial for users to obtain the production line with the highest cost-effectiveness with minimal investment.




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